Hybrid Finance, Opening address.

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our project, and thank you for taking the time to look into what we plan to accomplish. Hybrid by both name and nature is a hybrid, of two tried and tested methods of reliably and most importantly sustainably generating revenue, this revenue is then distributed to our holders, through an Auto-Staking, Auto-compounding token, Or the Buy, Hold, Earn model. Let’s have a quick at how we do this.

Our primary source of revenue is Transaction fees, specifically, 10% on buys and 15% on sells, these funds flow into the RFV(Risk Free Wallet)(Multi-Sig) The RFV backs the rebases that are distributed every 30 minutes and very importantly, provides the funds required to conduct the buy backs, which are our primary weapon against the inflation caused by the rebasing nature of the token, excess from the RFV is transferred to the treasury.

Our secondary source of revenue generation is the treasury, made up of excess from the RFV the treasury is deployed into two different categories, Risk Free (60%) for example LPs, Staking, Yield Farming etc. High Risk (22.5%) for example Seed round investment, incubation, Venture Capital style investment. It is important to remember that due to the nature of the percentages used, that a loss of investment would not affect holders as the RFV’s ability to sustain rebases and the buy-backs will never be jeopardised. However in the event of a win from the investments, we will be able to use those funds to bolster the longevity of the project, along with providing additional rewards for holders.

To close of this first address, We would like to talk a little bit about our goals and the metrics we will use to gauge the success for the project. We will endeavor to be the first to combine high yield (50,000% APY) with a healthy price, Think of the calculator that a lot of rebase tokens show on their website, most of them are total nonsense and are completely inaccurate, we are aiming to provide you with a product that finally “does what it says on the tin” , a product you can use to make you more money, safely, reliably. As part of our promise of safety, we will KYC, Multi-Sig and Lock Liquidity. As ever we are open to your opinion, so head over to our discord and twitter and have a chat with us!

Thank you all for your time and once again, Welcome!!

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Hybrid Finance

Hybrid by name Hybrid by nature, Combining tried and tested products, Has given us the ultimate defi wealth generator, enjoy for the first time 50,000% fixed AP