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2 min readMar 28, 2022


The HyFi Community, Team and myself have been highly anticipating the start of our presale, here it finally is! starting on the 5th of April with the Tycoons buying first at $0.80 each buying a maximum of 1,500 HyFi Tokens (exchangeable for $Hybrid 1:1 at launch) . Followed 24hrs later on the 6th by our Capitalists, also saving on launch price with a token price of $0.90 and a slightly lower allocation per person of 1300 tokens (both are guaranteed allocations). These positions have been highly contested and we want to thank you all for the effort you put in to achieve them! We hope you enjoy your discounted tokens!

Our last section of the HyFi Presale is a little new to many people! It is a Public sale with a token value of $1 and a max allocation per person of 2,000 Tokens, starting on the 7th of April. However we cannot and will not risk having our precious HyFi tokens snapped up by bots or snipers. So in order to be eligible to buy during the public presale, we ask one simple thing from you! Come and hang out with us for a bit in our channel! Become part of our beloved Hybrid Nation, we are confident you will like it here! Once you have achieved Level 5 in the Discord channel (achieved by sending messages) you will be assigned a role (starting soon) and will be asked to submit your wallet (also starting soon), only one wallet per account will be taken, only submitted wallets will be eligible to buy during the public stage of presale! It is worth noting the public section does not contain any guaranteed allocations, it is conducted on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis, there will be 120,500 Tokens on offer plus any unused tokens from the earlier stages.

In conclusion our Presale structure accomplishes all its necessary goals:
1. Rewards Diligent HyFi members with discounted token prices and guaranteed allocations.
2. Supplies sufficient funding to kickstart the protocol, along with seeding liquidity.
3. Provides a Public section to allow “anyone” to invest early in Hybrid.
4. Is Fair and Inclusive of all community members.
5. Guarantees against bot or presale sniping.
6. Ensures no single party can hold a large share of tokens.

We would like to take this time to thank our awesome community and welcome this weeks new members! All 6,549 of you! Heres to 10,000 this week! It is our soul focus to build you all the very best product that we can! We hope to see you all in this weeks AMA.
The team at Hybrid Finance.



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